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I'm not sure how many people(outside of Xavier fans) are going to pick Xavier to win the NCAA Championship this year.

Why not pick Xavier?

6 Wins over Top 50 RPI teams:

Kent State(Neutral)(78-65)


Kansas State(Semi-Home)(103-77)





NO Losses vs. RPI 100+ Teams, with only four losses on the year:

@Miami OH(59-57)

@Arizona State(77-55)

Home Vs. Tennessee(82-75)




Ofcourse alot of similiar statistics can be mentioned about other teams, so why Xavier?

Xavier is 10-0 in their last 10 games.

Xavier played the 16th toughest Non-Conference Schedule

Xavier is 10-3 on the road/neutral sites

Drew Lavender should be healthy(and fresh) come tournament time

  1. 38 Scoring Defense (As of 3-2-08)

Three Seniors

Good FT shooting team

13-1 in A10 play



All i'm saying is....



watch out for Xavier





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