Baseball season is now three weeks old and several longshot underdogs have put themselves in the talk for world series champions. Sports Handicapper Craig Trapp from CT Sports Picks  today is going to give you his three longshots that can win the 2009 World Series. Last year we had both of the World Series teams come from no where and end up in the promise land. Lets try and find this years diamond in the rough and see if we can make some money picking a longshot that can win it all.

Toronto Blue Jays (30-1): Tied for the most wins in MLB with a very impressive record of 14-7. No one could have predicted this hot start for what most team picked to be a sub five hundred team. Playing in the toughest division in baseball they have to beat the Yankees, Boston, and last years division winner Tampa Bay. Pitching for Toronto will carry them all year and if they all can stay healthy this team can definitely make a run at the playoffs. Betting value of 30-1 with great pitching and timely hitters makes this the best longshot to win the World Series in 2009.

Kansas City Royals (25-1): Experts all thought this might be the year that KC could win the Central Division. The most wide open divisions in all of MLB makes it the easiest division to win this year. The best young pitching staff in all of baseball led by Meche could make this team the favorite to win the division. Not the best hitting line up so definitely will have play small ball to win it all. This pitching staff is very similar to last years Tampa Bay staff and if they could continue to improve who knows.

Seattle Mariners (15-1): Los Angeles Angels have won this division for so many years its definitely a surprise to see the Mariners at the top with a record of 13-7. Early pitching success has been a welcome surprise for a team that lost over 100 games last season. Bedard and Hernandez both are solid pitchers and can both win 17 plus games. Might be the best hitting team in the AL with both power and contact hitters. If this team stays healthy they will definitely win this division.

Anyone can take the favorites to win future wagers but you must find teams that have good betting value. Over 15-1 is Craig's cutoff for playing any future wager. Craig will be updating his future winning longshots as the season progresses so make sure you check back.

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