Wow how time has flown by, its been two weeks since Craig Trapp from CT Sports Picks released his MLB top 5 power rankings. Craig's uses his Power Rankings as one of many tools to help establish weak lines and also to pick winners. Not much has changed in his top 5 with only one new team but several have moved within the top 5. Also make sure you check out Craig's other recent MLB article - Craig's Top 3 2009 WORLD SERIES UNDERDOG WINNERS!! Craig's last list was in order of rankings: LA Dodgers, Toronto Blue Jays, Boston Red Sox, Florida Marlins, and St Louis Cardinals. Below is Craig's new updated rankings and breakdown!

1. LA Dodgers: 12-0 at home thus far and the weakest division in all of baseball will have this team flirting with 98-100 wins this year. Best power pitching staff in baseball led by Billingsley who at times is unhittable. Oh by the way they have the best group of power hitters in the National League led by stud Manny Ramariez. No one is close to them at this point of the season.

2. Boston Red Sox: 5-0 vs the Yankees already has this team cruising in first place in the division. Pitching has been very shaky at best. Pretty scary to think how good this team will be when Lester and Beckett start performing to there career numbers. Toughest division in baseball will keep there win total down this season but in the end will win the division!!

3. St Louis Cardinals: Anyone still think Tony LaRussa is not the best manager in baseball?? Look at his starting rotation only two dependable starters yet they still are winning!! King Albert is up to his old tricks early this season and has been carrying his team. STL and CHC will be in dog fight this season all the way down to the end!

4. Toronto Blue Jays: Craig dropped the Blue Jays down two spots not because they are playing poorly but more because the other two are playing slightly better. Huge surprise that Toronto is playing so well this year after losing second best pitcher in the off season. Handicapping this team is easy they play small ball. They pitch to contact, play great defense, and limit mistakes. Huge turnaround and feel good story but in the end will be up against it in the toughest division in baseball.

5. Kansas City Royals: Craig's only new team in the top 5 is a shocker for all of us. One of worst teams last year is greatly improved in 2009. Best young pitching staff in all of baseball led by Grienke who is 6-0 with ERA below 1.00!! Hitting has really picked it up for this team and if it continues will win a very average American League Central.

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