10/14/08 Well my last power rankings that were realeased two weeks ago have completely changed. Several teams have come up the ranks and several fell like a rock off the top 10. Remember that Craig ranks the whole NFL but has only released his top 10, he can't give out all his secrets.

1. Tennessee Titans- Well they are the only team left without a defeat! Two weeks ago they were #11 what a dramatic move!

2. New York Giants- Loss to Cleveland cost them top spot. Manning must get back to not turning the ball over!

3. San Diego Chargers- Dropped from #1 to #3. Have 3 losses but just hitting there stride looked great against NE.

4. Pittsburgh Steelers- Need to get healthy at RB but just win baby. Big Ben has been nothing short of super the last 2 weeks!

5. Washington Redskins- Most improved went from #19 two weeks ago. Wow just play defense and run the football will just keep getting better!

6. Dallas Cowboys- Would be at #4 but the injury to Tony Romo makes this team questionable. Stuggled last 3 games will see what happens here!

7. Tampa Bay Bucs- Looked great this week dominating the very good Carolina Panthers. Hopefully Gruden will stay with Garcia rest of the season.

8. Carolina Panthers- Even though they got beat down by the Bucs don't give up on this team. Run game and defense will take this team far!

9. Atlanta Falcons- This team has to the biggest surprise in football. But they are great at running the ball and defense has played well!

10. Chicago Bears- Well this team has all the necessary components to go far in playoffs but have to get there first. Hopefully Kyle Orton will keep it up!

This list is constantly changing every week and is a valuable tool that Craig helps with his weekly handicapping. Check back in two weeks as Craig will give his update. Next week Craig will have his college football top 10 power rankings (big shakeup since last week)! Get all Craig's articles and picks at CT Sports PICKS!!

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