[1] The Phoenix Coyotes are looking to the links for marketing and taking their brand across North America. It what is likely a first for any team in North America, the Coyotes have agreed [2] to a one year sponsorship deal with PGA Tour golfer Jeff Quinney, starting with this week's FBR Open in, drumroll, the Coyotes nearly hometown of Scottsdale, Arizona. Quinney, who is in his second year on the Tour, earned more than $1.5 million last year, finishing 41st in the FedEx Cup standings. He won the 2000 US Amateur and is a former Arizona State University golfer. Terms of the deal have not been disclosed.

While a couple of Tour players have had sponsorship deals with the NFL in the past, those with the league as a whole and not individual teams. This is believed to be the first deal done with an individual team. While Quinney is pictured here in a golf shirt with a Coyotes logo, you have to wonder if on Sundays in cool weather, he will come out in a Coyotes hockey sweater. Also, will the Pack and the Snow Patrol [3] be patrolling the sidelines in Scottsdale cheering him and entertaining the crowd?

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