Yesterday I wrote about how the Knicks could fix themselves, (basically trade Zach Randolph for expiring contracts and let the rest of their big deals expire). Today I want to focus on my team the Nets. They’re theoretically in better shape then the Knicks, after all this is the first year in awhile they’ve missed the playoffs and even this year they had a better year then the Knicks. However if they want to truly get good it may be tougher than what the Knicks need to do.

Current situation

The Nets currently have Devin Harris, Richard Jefferson and Vince Carter locked up. The first two are young and talented, play offense and defense, so having them around is a good thing. On the other hand Vince Carter is old, rarely plays defense and his level of intensity fluctuates from night to night. Now that’s not to say he’s not talented, when he’s playing intense he can score 30+ hand out multiple assists and get double digit rebounds. However, his body at this age is not able to handle that kind of intensity regularly enough to win enough games either that or he just doesn’t give the effort on night in night out basis cause he’s lazy (take your pick).

The Nets also have Marcus Williams, Josh Boone and Sean Williams, three talented young players.

Throw in Bostjan Nochbar and Kristic and the Nets definitely have some talent. Yet they’re not winning.

Changes to the Current Roster

One answer could be to change the coach. I like Frank, but maybe they just need a new voice.

Aside from a coaching change what can the Nets do?

Well first, they need to decide on whether to keep Nachbar or Diop as they’re both free agents. I say keep Nachbar as he will be relatively inexpensive and is a nice role player. As for Diop look to keep him at a reasonable price but realize he’s not a necessity, if he gets big offers like Miki Moore did last year you let him go.

Then look to trade Carter. It won’t happen though as he’ll turn 32 next year and still has three more years left at big money. (15m + per year) Oh and did I mention he gives inconsistent effort on a nightly basis?



So the next move, since they won’t have cap room until after next year, is to look at the draft.

What do the Nets need? Not a PG, SG or SF since they won’t play over Harris/Williams, Carter and RJ. They have Boone and Williams, possibly Diop and Kristic. So do they need a power forward or center? Yeah, they probably could use a dominant scoring post presence but at the ten pick (or wherever they are in the draft) who are they looking at? Some guys in that range they could be looking at include Kevin Love, DeAndre Jordan, Marcus Speights, Darell Arthur and reaching a little bit for Donte Green. Love is not a great athlete so it’s tough to tell how he projects to the NBA. Jordan (8 points 6 boards) is not a dominant inside presences but has talent. Speights put up 15 pts and 8 boards last year, but I’ll admit I don’t know much about him. Arthur often gets lost during games but has a lot of talent. Donte Green intrigues me since he’s 6-10 and can shoot, possibly opening up the lane for drives by Harris Carter and RJ, but can he defend a PF? Probably not.


Of course the Nets have been rumored to be looking towards Lebron for the 09/10 season. It makes sense since Jay-z is part owner and the Nets are supposedly moving to Brooklyn. However that may fall through since it’s unclear whether the Nets will have that kind of cap space and as far as I know ground hasn’t been broken in Brooklyn. Does Lebron fit with the Nets? Probably not but who cares if we wants to come you sign him and work everything else out later.

So good luck Thorn, it won’t be easy.

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