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They are informative, sometimes funny and usually a good read. Some say they are the two best blogs penned by professional sports stars in the country. So let me be the first to say thanks to Chris Cooley and Gilbert Arenas, you two are welcome in the D.C. sports bar anytime. Drinks are on you though.

Arenas’ effort, Agent Zero: The Blog File, is playing second fiddle to Cooley’s popular feature this week after the pro bowl tight end displayed a picture of what Cooley himself described as “a penis” in a Tuesday post. The incident has received national and local media attention ( our Redskins Examiner has the actual picture) and more importantly to Cooley, Jim Zorn’s attention.

According to the Washington Post’s Jason Reid, Zorn plans to address players Wednesday regarding their conduct while using the Internet. "My first thought is to just make a team-wide statement and talk about it," said Zorn, who will speak with players before the team begins preparations to face the Arizona Cardinals on Sunday at FedEx Field.

These player blogs bring up an interesting debate, where should the line between the athlete and blogger be drawn? Professional football stars hold a great deal of power over their fans and the cities for which they play. People want to know what they think, and it seems that some Skins fans hang on every word Cooley posts.

So maybe he should just stick to the football and in doing so protect his team and his city from public relations nightmares like this one. It seems to me that in the sports world the line between player and journalist is getting blurry. Just turn on any of the countless pregame shows on Sunday.  

For more info:  Check out the Redskins Community links and the RSS feed which features Cooley's blog.

Ben O'Brien

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