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I am angry, and in all honesty, I have knocked a few back...

That game was pathetic all around. The Packers sliced up the Seahawks' defense all day long, and the Seahawks' offense couldn't do anything.

I do think that the refs were a bit Packer-centric, calling penalties on the 'Hawks when the same penalty was not called on the Packers (check EVERY play and watch Patrick Kerney. He was held ALL DAY).

The Seahawks played terribly. The play-calling was suspect (calling a run on 1st down when you are down by 22 in the 4th quarter is not "playing to win") and the TE position, once again, failed to help the team.


The Seahawks decided to take the day off on Saturday

After this game it is pretty easy to see that for the Seahawks to be competitive next season, they need to get a new tight end and a new running back.

I had been on "Alexander Island", saying that we needed to give him a chance, but now I am saying that he is not who he used to be. The Line didn't open holes, but when they WERE open he still fell down.

It is time for a change.

Will Mike Holmgren be back? I am hopeful he will and that he won't. I want him to come back because he makes the players better, but I think the Seahawks need a change. It may be time for someone else (NOT Jim Mora... he has yet to prove to me that he is worthy of a Head Coaching job).

But now we wait for the rest of this Weekend's games and then we look forward to the off-season.

The thing that I am not looking forward to is the "talking heads" stating that they were right, and that the Seahawks were NOT that good. Anyone who has watched each and every game of this team knew that they could beat the Packers. But the "pundits" who only see some film and see the box scores now have more ammunition against one of the most overlooked teams in the NFL.

I need to go watch something else.

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