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I needed something to do while waiting for the 3 PM game to start (other than watching Ray Lewis, and Keyshawn Johnson act like they know what they're talking about on Sunday NFL Countdown).  So why not simulate today's games on the SimMatchup.  This time I decided against copying, and pasting the stats on here, instead to take my sweet time, and type them on here.

The first game, Chargers at Patriots, I set the Chargers playbook at favor run, and the Pats at favor pass, and put the temperature at 20 degrees with light wind in Gillette Stadium.  Of course, the expected happened, and New England won the game 36-10, and improved to 18-0 on the season.  The stats are below.


1st QTR

NE- Randy Moss 21-yard TD catch from Tom Brady- PAT good (5:45)

SD- LaDainian Tomlinson 35-yard run- PAT good (3:59)

NE- Donte Stallworth 42-yard catch from Tom Brady- PAT good (2:54)

2nd QTR

NE- Stephen Gostkowski 33-yard FG (3:02)

SD- Nate Kaeding 33-yard FG (1:01)

NE- Stephen Gostkowski 34-yard FG (:13)

3rd QTR

NE- Phillip Rivers sacked in end zone (safety) (11:01)

4th QTR

NE- 20-yard INT return for TD (Asante Samuel) (12:05)

NE- Wes Welker 7-yard pass from Tom Brady- PAT good (4:25)

Individual Stats:


Tom Brady- 20/25, 320 Yards, 3 TD, 1 INT

Phillip Rivers- 15/30, 200 Yards, 0 TD, 2 INT


Laurence Maroney- 14 ATT, 64 Yards, 0 TD

Sammy Morris- 13 ATT, 51 Yards, 0 TD

LaDainian Tomlinson- 15 ATT, 76 Yards, 1 TD


Donte Stallworth- 3 REC, 85 Yards, 1 TD

Randy Moss- 6 REC, 82 Yards, 1 TD

Wes Welker- 6 REC, 62 Yards, 1 TD

Antonio Gates- 5 REC, 103 Yards, 0 TD


Stephen Cooper- 8

James Sanders/Adalius Thomas/Junior Seau/Ellis Hobbs- 4 each


Stephen Cooper/Shawne Merriman/Marques Harris/Mike Vrabel- 1 each


Junior Seau/Asante Samuel/Antonio Cromartie- 1 each


Stephen Gostkowski- 2/4 (Made: 33,34 Missed: 42, 45)

Nate Kaeding- 1/1 (Made: 33)


Chargers 10 Patriots 36 (Final)

The 6:30 game between the New York Giants and Green Bay Packers was a lot closer.  Green Bay, the favorite, came out on top, as expected.  The game was won with a Mason Crosby 51-yard FG in OT.  Here are the stats.


1st QTR

NYG- Amani Toomer 19-yard TD catch from Eli Manning- PAT good (11:10)

2nd QTR

GB- Vernand Morency 23-yard TD catch from Brett Favre- PAT good (1:41)

3rd QTR

GB- Mason Crosby 37-yard FG (10:25)

GB- Ryan Grant 2-yard TD run- PAT good (:45)

4th QTR

NYG- Derrick Ward 6-yard run- PAT good (14:56)

NYG- Lawrence Tynes 20-yard FG (:00)


GB- Mason Crosby 51-yard FG (5:56)

Individual Stats:


Brett Favre- 19/31, 243 Yards, 1 TD, 0 INT

Eli Manning- 18/34, 243 Yards, 1 TD, 3 INT


Ryan Grant- 13 ATT, 45 Yards, 1 TD

Brandon Jacobs- 17 ATT, 143 Yards, 0 TD

Derrick Ward- 13 ATT, 49 Yards, 1 TD


Donald Driver- 6 REC, 81 Yards, 0 TD

Vernand Morency- 3 REC, 51 Yards, 1 TD

Plaxico Burress- 5 REC, 64 Yards, 0 TD

Amani Toomer- 2 REC, 35 Yards, 1 TD


Nick Barnett/Charles Woodson- 6 each

James Butler/Reggie Torbor/Antonio Pierce/Barry Cofield/Sam Madison- 4 each


Aaron Kampman- 1

Juston Tuck- 1


Nick Barnett/Aaron Rouse/Tramon Williams- 1 each


Mason Crosby- 2/2, (Made: 37, 51)

Lawrence Tynes- 1/1, (Made:20)


Giants 17 Packers 20 (Final-OT)

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