Croatian supporters will be furious after what unfolded in their side's match against Turkey in the Euro 2008 Quarter Finals earlier on. Turkey once came from behind to beat the Czechs 3-2 to reach the quarter final and it was more drama which saw them reach the last four. It was quite a dull match until the last minute of extra time. Turkish goalkeeper handed Croatia a 119th minute goal which surely would have seen them into the last four but controversy marred their way and Turkey will now play Germany in the Semis. Turkey scored a last minute equalizer in the injury time of extra time to take it to penalties which they comfortably won 3-1. However, lets just see the Turkey goal unfold. Its late into injury time and Croatian coach Bilic wants to bring in a substitute but the referee Roberto Rosetti does not allow him to do so as time is up. Yet the referee lets play carry on and goes beyond the alloted injury time which is when Turkey get the miracle goal. Now I'll be fair and say if the time was legal then Turkey's goal is fair but I can say it wasn't otherwise why would the referee stop Bilic from making the substitution. The ball wasn't in the Croatian half as Rustu was the one who launched the ball forward so the referee had no reason to carry play on. Croatia have been unjustly been denied at their first semi final appearance but I wouldn't blame the Turkish players but the referee has got to face some action.

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