Guys- Im gonna try something a little different here. We have lots of good College Football minds here and instead of doing this in many different threads Im going to try and do one thread to talk about the upcoming weeks games. We got some great games this week. Friday night Kansas at S Fla. I always bet a game where a higher ranked team is giving points to a lower ranked team. This week #19 S Fla is giving 3 to #13 Kansas. I will be giving the 3 Georgia @ S Car - I have a sneeky suspicion that SC keeps this one close, they have a real good D and I believe they were looking ahead to this game last week when Vandy tripped them up Wisconsin @ Fresno State - This game is flying completely under the radar. I really think this game is going to be a great one. Pat Hill may be the most underrated coach in the country. He recruits speed and always plays a brutal schedule, I definately think this will be a great game. And last but not least Ohio State @ USC. I cant see how OSU keeps this one close, but funnier things have happened. Alot of these games have been talked about in other threads, talk about these, add to the list, but lets see if we can all put our heads together and make some money on a weekly basis.

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