Conference Power Rankings based on RPI.

  1. The Big East has 2 teams in the top-25, 5 in the top-30, and 8 in the top 40.
  2. The Atlantic-10 has 4 teams in the top-20 and 5 in the top-50.
  3. The Big-12 has 3 teams in the top-25 and 4 in the top 40.
  4. The SEC has 3 teams in the top-25.
  5. The Big-10 has 3 teams in the top-25.
  6. The Pac-10 has 2 teams in the top-20 and 4 in the top-40.
  7. The ACC has 2 teams in the top-25 and 3 in the top-30.
  8. And as for Conference-USA, Memphis is #1 and Tulane is #75.

What should be taken away from these rankings? Well, first of all the Pac-10 is going to sky rocket up as will the ACC. The Big-12 and Big-10 will fall. And as for the Atlantic-10 at least they are in the conversation again. Lastly, the biggest thing you should take away from these rankings is that the Big East is once again solid up and down, although this year they likely do not have a team to go real deep in the tourney.

Who has the #1 Non-Conference SOS?

No, not Arizona, they are #2. North Carolina A&T.

Who's still undefeated?

Team (RPI) - Record _______________________ Memphis (1) - 13-0 UNC (2) - 15-0 Vanderbilt (6) - 15-0 Kansas (11) - 13-0 Mississippi (20) - 13-0 Washington St. (31) - 13-0

Other Non-Conference SOS oddities?

Coppin St. has the third best Non-Conference SOS but has gone 1-11 and is therefore 172 in RPI. Mississippi Valley St. has had a similar run with a Non-Conference SOSof 5 and a 0-10 start they are 245 in RPI.

NJ Inst. Of Technology

The New Jersey Inst. of Technology is already 0-17. Something that I did not know; they are independent and have no conference affiliation.

Bottom of the Top

Taking a look at the lowest ranked teams from the top conferences, this will not include the A10 or CUSA. The first team you find from the BE, ACC, B10, B12, SEC and Pac-10 is the Pac-10's Oregon State at 252.

RPI - CON - TEAM _________________________ 252 - P10 - Oregon State 212 - SEC - Kentucky 210 - B10 - Iowa 187 - BE - Rutgers 185 - SEC - Georgia 182 - B10 - Northwestern 177 - SEC - LSU 175 - B12 - Colorado


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