Coke Zero 400 at Daytona Betting Odds Picks & Predictions: Daytona, FL is the usual place for Nascar's celebration of the July 4th holiday weekend. This Saturday's race will be another great bumper to bumper exciting restrictor plate race. The drivers have never been a huge fan of the restrictor plate races but for us fans you can't beat it. Today Sports Handicapper Craig Trapp will give his top two Free Sports Winner for this weekends Daytona race. Take advantage of special offer for SBBP Viewers Deposit $100 receive $100 FREE

As with any Sports Handicapping wager picking the winner has to be weighed against the value. Both of the two favorites Daytona Betting Odds Tony Stewart and Kyle Busch are under 6-1 and that has no value. The good news if you like these two drivers is they have a ton of recent success but my rule is in restrictor plate races is you must have 12-1 or better to make the wager. Take advantage of special offer for SBBP Viewers Deposit $100 receive $100 FREE

Coke Zero 400 at Daytona Betting Odds Clint Boyer (25-1): Really think the a rough year for Boyer will be turned around this weekend. A great start to the weekend as Boyer won the the Nationwide Series race on Saturday night. That gives RCR racing there first win of either of the top series for the year. Momentum can really carry a race team and a couple improved weeks over the past few should have this team headed in right direction. Boyer is well liked and many will be lining up to push him to a win.

Coke Zero 400 at Daytona Betting Odds Matt Kennseth (20-1): One of the best drivers in the series at this value wow we love it. Although Kennseth has never won this race he has been very close finishing in the top 10 five times in the last 8 races. Matt is a very patient driver and think he will sit back until late in the race. A ton of experience and many friends will help Kennseth be upfront at the end of this years summer Daytona race. Check the site for more Daytona Picks & Predictions.

No matter who wins this year enjoy the excitement of another great Dayonta race!! Coke Zero 400 at Daytona Betting Odds Picks & Predictions

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