Bob Knight is someone you either love or hate. If you’re an Indiana fan, you love him. If you are everyone else in the world, you hate him. No one can argue with his resume. The man is the winningest men’s coach in NCAA Division I history. He has 29 20-Win seasons, 1 perfect season, 3 National Championships, and an Olympic Gold Medal. The problem is that ESPN is displaying him as a warm and fuzzy old ball coach and trying to make you forget what an asshole he was. We’ve seen him blow up on the media, abuse referees, and hit his players. He is easily one of the most arrogant jerks in sports history and it’s sad to see ESPN and Coach Knight selling out and working together. Knight hated the media. He called sports writing “one or two steps above prostitution.” Leave it to ESPN to hire him. Fortunately, his stint at Tech has proven that he is much too old school for the current game. If you were ballin’ coming out of high school, I don’t think playing for “The General” is going to be on the top of your priorities. Any Athletic Director that gets him back into coaching would have to be dumber than a Rock of Love contestant. Anyways, all this crap surrounding Coach Knight joining the media and watching him parade around the networks trying to prove how hardcore he is have got me thinking…so here’s the Top Ten things I’d rather do than play for Coach Knight:

10. Box Tyson in the 80’s 9. Go to a strip club with Pacman Jones and Stephen Jackson 8. Tutor Charles Barkley in English 7. Hang out with Skip Bayless 6. Get plastic surgery to look like Sam Cassell 5. Go to Burning Man with Bill Walton 4. Wear an Oregon Ducks football jersey 3. Have sex with Serena Williams 2. Enter a staring competition with Stuart Scott 1. Be a Raider's fan

Jeffrey Piatti,

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