Classic Winter Bust

by Steve

Sure it was a great "event" it showcased the Ralph, the city and the great fans we all knew we had but in the end the Sabres and Buffalo lost, seemingly as per usual. I know I know the outcome wasn't that important it was only 1 of 82 games, it was ment to show case that horse toothed douche bag Sidney Crosby, but can't a Buffalo sports team just win once?

I honestly think the event was a bit fixed to tell you the truth. C'mon ,the story book ending with Crosby scoring the winning goal as the third shooter in a shoot out? Strategically wouldn't you think your best player would shoot first or second guaranteeing him a shot in the shoot out? And what were the odds of this game going to over time and then to a shoot out, 80% 95%? Where was Vanek in the shoot out or in the game for that matter?!

The Sabres had one 40+ second power play the entire regulation, the Penguins at one point got at least 3 power plays in a row. The Sabres were shooting in the OT but it didn't really seem like they were trying to score. It was as if Bettman and the NHL gave Buffalo their one shining moment, but in the end cared more about the next big thing allegedly Sid the douche.

It snowed a bit too much, so the game was slow and choppy, not to mention all the long delays to fix the ice, WTF. The first period lasted nearly 90 minutes. And stopping the game in the third and OT..., it wasn't even windy, grow a sack NHL players. All the delays and stoppages didn't allow for any flow to the game. PLUS there were fucking terrible towels! There is no city I hate more than Pittsburgh from their fans to their sports team to the colors to those stupid piss stained pieces of cloth they waive around like assholes.

Which reminds me, Sidney Crosby is an over rated piece of garbage. He has never won a playoff series, and will never score 92 goals in a season. He certainly won't win as many cups as Wayne not even half as many. He is not Gretzky and if you're gonna say "well its different eras" then don't say shit about him being the fastest to 200 points isn't that the same thing?

Look I had fun at this "once and a life time event" it was great to see all the fans and the festivities and the fact that it was in our back yard. Furthermore it was great to see the Ralph rocking in January but anyone that says they would rather have this than a home football playoff game is crazy.

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