Chris Webber, battling chronic knee problems which basically put a damper on his later years, has officially called it career. Webber, currently playing for the Golden State Warriors will announce it tomorrow. Webber has been unable to play since March 2, and seeing that he would most likely miss the rest of his pre-determined final season. After a controversial college career at Michigan, Webber was well on his way to a hall of fame career before he had microfracture surgery in 2003 and never fully recovered.

Webber was a #1 pick in 1993, when despite all controversy, Warriors coach Don Nelson lobbied for him to be drafted, Webber would go on to win Rookie of the Year. Then tensions flared and Webber was shipped to Washington. Webber spent 4 years there, before going to the Sacramento Kings where his career really took off. He then went to Philadelphia, Detroit and after missing half of this season went back to Nelson and the Warriors. Webber has never won a championship, never even to an NBA Finals. Despite only averaging 3.4 pts and 3 rebounds in his comeback stint, over Webber's 15 year career, 5 time All-Star, averaged 20 and 10 for his career, but some wonder if he will indeed get that call to Springfield.

Another case of a great talent fallen victim to the microfracture surgery. I hope Chris the best in whatever path he goes next as long as it isnt an ESPN analyst or Dancing with the Stars.

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