Well, Atlanta finally got bit by reality and the first round of the NBA playoffs are over. We are now left with the Hornets, the Magic, and six of the most uninteresting teams in the league that no one could possibly like unless they were born and raised in their home cities. The 2004 Lakers, I mean Celtics, are, unsurprisingly, an unfocused mess that can't even beat Atlanta on the road and are led by the human virus know as Kevin Garnett. The LeBrons are a collection of zero personality role players surrounding the most self-important egomaniac in history. The Pistons are the Pistons; the Jazz are the Jazz; The Lakers wish they were Jordan's Bulls; and the Spurs are so boring I fell asleep twice while writing this sentence. While Dwight Howard and Orlando are a fun and amicable bunch, a team with Hedo Turkoglu as their best player probably won't be making the Conference Finals.

The situation seams bleak, but don't turn off TNT just yet. You see, America still has the Hornets. True MVP, Chris Paul and company are still here to try and save basketball from the forces of lameness. New Orleans has quickly become the new Sacramento Kings, only better. They play beautifully watchable basketball and actually seem like they're enjoying themselves. Heck, I've even seen a couple of them smile. This is the alley-ooping, Dirk-slapping, three-popping team the NBA needs. The Hornets are the only thing the 08 playoffs have going for them, but if they keep playing like they have been, they may be the only thing the 08 playoffs need.

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