If you are like me, and can only watch ESPN to get your sports news (plus NFL Network), then you've probably already seen this video a thousand times.  But, for those lucky few out there, Chris Bosh made a video, which was just a fun thing he felt like doing.  But, of course, ESPN had fun bashing him for it.  They were saying that he was trying to get All-star votes from fans just because of his video, but, why not???  He wasn't hurting anyone, and I'm sure plenty of people got a kick out of it.  So, I really don't see what was so "wrong" about this.  Here's the video for those who haven't seen it.  Oh, and if you're wondering why I have written 3 articles today, it's because I have had nothing to do all day, and thought I would enjoy my last day of Christmas break by writing articles on AGM (and watch/bash ESPN).

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