While writing a paper for class, I realized that the biggest blunder ever made by Kevin McHale was signing Kevin Garnett to his 7-year $126 million contract. I know you may be asking, how can signing the best player in basketball (at one point) to a big contract have been so dumb, but I will tell you.

After signing KG to that massive contract, the Timberwolves didn’t have as much money to work with (obviously) and had to decide between trying to resign Tom Gugliotta or Stephon Marbury. Because the Wolves planned on building their team around KG and Marbury, they let Gugliotta leave as a free agent to Phoenix. Now, while Gugliotta was never the same player after leaving Minnesota not keeping him was a mistake.

The NBA, using KG as its poster child of frivolous spending imposed a lock-out between the owners and the players. After the lock-out there was a new maximum salary level of $87 Million. Stephon Marbury didn’t feel like he should make less than anyone on the same team as him so he forced that famous trade home to New Jersey (like anything has changed over time).

But wait, there is more. Because Gugliotta left, the Wolves needed a PF to start alongside KG. So, who did they go and get…Joe Smith. Smith played well for the Wolves on a one-year contract so we signed him to an illegal “handshake” deal. We all know what happened next, as the Wolves lost draft-picks. They used the one they got back on Ndudi Ebi, so it wasn’t like they really got it back.

Now we are in the situation we are in today. We have no bright future and it all leads back to that one signing. Thanks Wolves!

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