Well it’s Thursday and we all know what that means back from our college days…Woo Hoo, the weekend is finally here! Ever wonder why we consider Thursdays to officially begin the weekends? I mean in the fall, such as we are in now so to speak, it makes complete sense…Thursdays officially kickoffs the football weekends. And with having said that, the weekend is indeed upon us.

Now for the most part we’re all looking forward to the showdown in Los Angeles Saturday night…Well, at least we know Carson Palmer is for sure! However, a polehugger dubbed "Jewel" gets my blood flowing much more than the anticipated matchup between the Suckeyes and the Trojans…Look, speaking of blood, we all know it’s going to be a blood bath! We all know what the Sucks are all about…They dominate the Big Ten, just too bad that conference doesn’t matter in the college football landscape anymore! So why expect anything less than another loss to a premier football power…The last two BCS National Championships, well, nuff said!

So as I look for another ABC Primetime game not to live up to all the hype, (please see another USC overhyped matchup last season in Lincoln, Nebraska) I look at another Big Ten team heading out to the West Coast to be the better of the two high profile games when Wisconsin, (kudos for them flying out to the Valley) takes on Fresno State. Although what do I know anyway?

I know one thing, that a coach has no business writing a check that his team will have a very difficult time cashing this week, judging their performance a week ago against San Diego State! During the annual Blue & Gold Game Charlie Weis writes saying, "The Hell with Michigan" during the pregame breakfast…Of course since then he’s backed off those comments. Saying he was joking around and trying to honor the late Bo Schembechler when he used to remark, "The Hell with Notre Dame!"

HaHa, very funny Weis…Although judging from this following clip, um, yeah, I don’t think the thought of Bo Schembechler even entered your mind here…Not to mention the fact that it’s difficult to swallow the notion you were paying tribute to him at a f******* Notre Dame function! Yeah Charlie, my dog ate my play calling sheet too! (For those of you who don’t want to waste 7-plus minutes of your life, just fast forward up to around the 1:12 mark)

[1] Um, did I mention HaHa? Oh yeah, I did! I bet Bo likes you paying tribute to him! See, the problem with you Charlie, aside from your weight…Is the fact that you blow way too much hot air considering the position your football program’s in! Coming off a 3-9 season and then having to have a late rally sparked by a fumble recovery at the goalline to beat SDSU, your act is growing very old to say the least! The knock on Tyrone Willingham was he couldn’t recruit, something you can do…But what’s worse? Not being able to recruit and being mediocre or pumping your chest because on paper you have a shit load of talent, but not having the ability to make any noise with it…That of course besides the noise always coming out of you cakehole! Speaking of cake, why don’t you go have a few pieces, at least your yap will stay closed! Then at least the team doesn’t have to be concerned about cashing your checks for your…Come to think of it, shouldn’t you be more worried about saving you job? And cashing your own paychecks? BYU, Utah, or East Carolina? Who’s this season BCS Buster? Vote now at! It’s more enjoyable than watching Notre Dame Football!!

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