In what was to be a relatively easy game for the Indianapolis Colts, Phillip Rivers and Co. were able to pull an upset in the RCA dome.

The start of the game was exactly what people expected to see.  The Colts took the first drive in for a TD on six for six passing from Peyton Manning.  Manning through completions on each of his first 14 passes of the game tieing a record set the previous night by Tom Brady of the New England Patriots.

Phillip Rivers through an interception on his first trip down the field.  Dispite the interception, which the Chargers got back on a fumble by Marvin Harrison, Rivers through 8/10 completions to start the game.

The game can be summed up as a battle between the quarterbacks with Phillip Rivers winning.  Manning through 33/48 with 3 touchdowns and Rivers went 14/19 with 3 touchdowns of his own.  The deciding factor was Mannings 2 interceptions, both in the redzone.  One by Antonio Cromartie, was returned for a touchdown, then called back on a holding call.

Neither teams defense could hold the others offense.  Both Offenses ended the game with more then 400 total yards.  The turnover war favored San Diego, and eventually determined the winner of the game.

Key notes were the injuries in the game.  Dispite the loss of LaDainian Tomlinson early in the game, Michael Turner was able to rush for 71 yards on 17 carries.  Phillip Rivers also went down in the game with a bruised knee after landing wrong when making a pass.  Backup quarterback Billy Volek finished the rest of the game going 3/4 passing for 54 yards.

The Colts still had a chance to win the game with about 3:30 seconds left in the game, but the Chargers came up with a big 4th down stop to get the ball back.  The Colts were able to get a quick four and out on the next series thanks to run stopping tackle by Bob Sanders on 3rd down and 4.

Indy drove down field to once agian find themselves on fourth down.  A spiral pass that slipped through the fingers of TE Dallas Clark sealed the game as San Diego kneeled on the next two plays to end the game 28-24.

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