My name is sj-hypocycoid, and I'm a Phillies fan. And a Steelers fan.

A very happy Phillies fan. I am not a typical Phillies fan in that I am not really a fan of the Flyers or Sixers, or either the NBA or NHL in general.

Since I am also a Steelers fan, I think that saves me somewhat from the full-on heartbreak of being a Philadelphia fan. I wondered a lot over the last 28 years if I'd ever see a Phillies World Series win again.

And I rooted for the Eagles in each of their title games and especially the Super Bowl. But, truth be told, since Pittsburgh was already out of it, my season had already ended by the time the Super Bowl came around.

When Lidge sent that pitch past Hinske's bat, my two sons and my wife and I yelled and cheered and high fived and hugged. It was a really great way to end a magical season.

In 2005, I had a great time as well. You might remember - the Steelers finally got through a title game and made it back to the Super Bowl. They eventually won the game over the Seahawks. Please, don't give me comments about the refs. The record shows that the Steelers won. Please don't cheapen my memory.

Unlike the Phillies win, things were very calm when the time ran out and the Steelers were victorious.

In January 1980, when the Steelers won their 4th Super Bowl, I was 10 3/4 years old. I have a vague recollection of the game. I remember being sick and therefore being allowed to watch the whole game. I remember watching it, but I don't know if the images in my mind are from what I saw then or from what I saw in the great NFL Films recaps of the games.

Now, in 2005, I remember it this way. I was in my house, by myself, watching the game. Not too many Steeler fans in South Jersey. It was great to see them win and have so many clear memories of the game.

Willie Parker's 75-yard TD run. The Antwan Randle-El TD pass to Hines Ward. Bill Cowher celebrating after so many heartbreaking losses. Jerome Bettis' last game. It was all great stuff. But I don't think I enjoyed it as much as I should have because I didn't have like-minded people around me.

I really enjoyed going through this entire Phillies season with [User JuTMSY4]. I am grateful he introduced me to this site, so that I could read articles by and converse with so many great sports fans. This experience totally enhanced the whole World Series season.

When the Steelers return to the Super Bowl again, [User: BehBigBen15] and [User: SteelTown]I hope that you guys will be around to celebrate that occasion with me. I want their next championship to be as memorable as the Phillies WS was to me in 2008.

Go Phils!

Go Steelers!

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