Bedlam, absolute bedlam on the floor of the Boston Garden! The Boston Celtics picked up the franchises 17th championship with an absolute romping of the teams biggest rival, 131-92. The LA Lakers will start a disappointing journey back to the west coast, a few days before they wanted to, while the Celtics will prepare for a parade.

The first NBA championship for the green since 1986 and it comes just one year after winning just 24 games and losing 58. This year they won a lot more. And for the first time Doc Rivers coached the Celtics past the first round and all the way past the Lakers for an NBA championship. Game 6 was an absolute romping of the number one seed in the west 131-92.

Paul Pierce was awarded the finals MVP, and it was fitting. Paul Pierce is the longest current Celtic and was in Boston for the hard times and now the good times. Pierce sacrificed his scoring ability to play defense and guard one of the best players in the game. Pierce gave a lot up this year for this championship, shedding the reputation of a selfish player. Last year Pierce did not want to be here as he was quietly asking for a trade, and then Danny Ainge brought in Ray Allen. Pierce was intrigued. Then Ainge made an even bigger trade. He sent 10 players to the cold weather of Minnesota, and only one came to Boston. Kevin Garnett. And the puzzle was being put together. They then added pieces like James Posey and other little pieces here and there, like Sam Cassell and P.J. Brown. And the puzzle was complete.

As the Celtics stand on top of the NBA globe, light up a victory cigar! This one is for Red and the legends of Boston Basketball. As Phil Jackson entered the series with nine NBA titles, tied with who? Who else but Red Auerbach. There was talk that Phil would pass the Celtics legend with his tenth NBA title. Well the Celtics put that talk away, Jackson will have to wait another year to try and pass Red.

And as we all know, as Paul Pierce dumped Gatorade on Doc Rivers, Red sat somewhere above us lighting up his victory cigar!

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