I am planning on having my own daily dose of sports...I know I probably can't do this everyday because of school, but I hope to do it every other day...Anyways, here goes nothing!

Game of the Day: Men's College Basketball

  • #4 UCLA 61
  • Washington 71

I didn't see the game or highlights, but I read the post game wrap-up on and it sounded great.  The whole throwing the ball of the UCLA players' face to have the ball bounce out of bounds to avoid the 5 second close guarding call sounds great!  <--(This happened with 47 seconds left UCLA losing 66-61)  UCLA coach Ben Howland didn't seem to fond of the play, he snapped back at a reporter, when the reporter asked if it was okay by an unwritten code on how to play the game.  Howland bluntly said, "No."  For the whole recap click here

Honarable Mention: Men's College Basketball

  • Clemson 93
  • #3 North Carolina 103

Game went into Double Overtime and UNC almost lost again, need I say more?

Performance of the Day: Paul Pierce of the Boston Celtics

  • Celtics beat the San Antonio Spurs 98-90
  • Improve to 5-2 without Kevin Garnett
  • Celtics are now 16-0 versus the Western Conference
  • #34 had 35 points in the victory

Wow...That's all I can manage to say.  This team looks scary good.  They keep managing to win without, in my opinion, their best player.  When the Celtics aqquired KG and Ray Allen the first thing that came to my mind was, "The Celts will be fine as long as KG doesn't get injured.  As long as they have Allen and KG or Pierce and KG."  However, here we they are without KG and they beat the Spurs, one of the West's elite.  This in my mind (although these games mean nothing) shows the Celtics are for real.  This really has to make their players feel good knowing they can win games without the most electrifying man in the NBA. (Yea I said it.)

Honorable Mention: Shawn Marion of the Miami Heat

  • Didn't win the game, but had a double-double
  • 15 points & 14 rebounds

In the News...

  • Rasheed Wallace will take Kevin Garnett's spot on the Eastern Conference All-Star roster
  • Defending NASCAR Champion Jimmy Johnson won Daytona 500 pole position.
  • Richard Zednik of the Florida Panthers (NHL) was cut in the neck by a teammates skate.  He underwent surgery and is in stable condition.

Random Video of the Week

My Wrap-up: I just want to end by saying I am already getting sick of the Clemens vs McNamme chronicles.  I do just wanna put in a little input on the whole "evidence" thingy.  The supreme court isn't really going to believe that Brian McNamme kept these needles and all this gauze with blood because he knew Roger Clemens would turn on him and all this garbage?  I mean what would posess this man to keep all that stuff after all these years.  I don't want to even talk about it, steroids is all that is talked about now in baseball, it's really quite depressing.  On another note, I am pretty unhappy about missing the UCLA game and the UNC game due to the fact I had to work today.  Oh and I almost forgot, the NFC won the pro-bowl.  No idea what the score was and really don't care either :] my sister did perform at half time though (her cheer squad got to go)

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