No sooner had the clock struck zero in the AFC Divisional Playoff than speculation began about the future status of Indianapolis Colts Head Coach Tony Dungy. Many have speculated that Dungy would step down following this season, potentially leaving a dream situation for a new coach to take over.


Pete Carroll, come on down! If Dungy does decide to step away, this would be the perfect situation fort both the Colts and for Carroll for several reasons.



  1. If Pete Carroll is going to leave USC, it isn’t going to be for a complete mess of a franchise like Atlanta. Indianapolis has a roster ready to compete for a Super Bowl, a stable front office, and a super star at quarterback - the perfect situation for an incoming coach. Especially one who wants to reestablish his reputation as an underachiever at the professional level.  
  2. The Colts would likely try to make as smooth a transition as possible. Promoting a coordinator is unlikely, mainly because offensive coordinator Tom Moore is 70 years old, and defensive coordinator Ron Meeks is 54. (A little past the prime of the average NFL head coach.)
  3. One of Pete Carroll’s best friends just happens to be Monte Kiffin, (Tony Dungy’s DC in Tampa from 1996-2001) who knows the Colts’ Cover 2 defense inside and out, and who happens to have completed the final year of his contract in Tampa.
  4. Carroll would also be able to bring with him a young, innovated offensive coordinator, Steve Sarkisian, from USC. Sark has NFL experience, has spent several years with Carroll, and although young, has enough experience to collaborate on game plans with Peyton Manning, not unlike Josh McDaniels in New England.


If there was ever a more perfect time for Dungy to step aside, and for Carroll to return to the NFL, this is it.

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