(Look, I needed a Weekly Boob for my site and, well, Melo's driving seemed to fit perfectly. So if you don't want to read more blah, blah, blah on this then don't! Just don't expect the next time you get pulled over by the Po-Po to take you to the Ritz-Carlton Jack!)

Normally filling this page is easy…There’s always one big screw up in the world of sports to get plastered on this page. This week it was tough to figure out which of the two candidates was more worth of this honor

All the Democrats out there know exactly what I'm talking about! Although looking on the bright side, one can never have too many boobs in his presence, the difficult task is selecting the one that gets your blood bubbling. I know, never easy, that’s unless it’s two in the morning somewhere and the bartender bellows "Last Call." Something that we all hate to hear, because now we have to try and see through the beer goggles for our next move. It's either go back to Olga’s place, or try our damnedest to find our way back to our crib when our alcohol level is identical to that of a Rhodes Scholar as we do our best Paul Crewe impression hoping not to get pulled over by Dan Patrick and the Donut Pounders!

Yes, and this week Carmelo Anthony did that exact same thing…Apparently he thought he was missing out by not doing it, as this was his first time offense. Now considering that, we have to be surprised that all the shit that has gone down with Melo that this was his first DUI! Wow…It took this long, gees! As professional athletes go, well a DUI is about as common as having a hot chick as your wife/girlfriend.

Speaking of which, um just a suggestion here but if one calls their better half asking her to pick him up and she declines. Well, the guy may have more issues to deal with than his Old Milwaukee breath! Just my personal opinion, but I could be wrong. Good thing the Donut Pounders were so cooperative with Melo, agreeing to do the dirty work LaLa didn’t feel like doing in personally transporting him back to the plush digs of the Ritz-Carlton instead of a holding cell. Not taking the $100,000 Benz to in pound, but rather a secure location. Man, that was so thoughtful!

And it’s wonder why it is that the always get a bad rap. Most likely all Melo had to do for them was give them a pair of his sneakers, (I wonder if he threw in the headband he loaned to Scott Van Pelt too from that "pick up game out back) okay, maybe the Po-Po held out for Nuggets playoffs tickets, (courtside, I hope)?

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I know, what can I say...I have that mentality of a stripper!  Such a tease!

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