What a disappointment.

Never, ever did I consider the RCA Dome a top rate facility during its years as home for my beloved Indianapolis Colts.

But it will be truly missed by real football fans that appreciate the sport itself without the corporate swank that is alarmingly destroying professional sports.

Lucas Oil Stadium from its exterior, appears impressive in its design. After all, a retractable roof is all the rage these days and it provides all the comforts expected from a brand spanking new facility. Upon first impression, I was proud to be a Colts fan.

And then I entered the building. And that pride began to diminish. Just imagine entering a newly purchased Porsche with that new fresh car smell, only to discover the foul odor of a turd lying on the backseat. That is how I kind of felt when I saw the field for the first time. What a weird spectacle. Windows at the end zones? Escalators without stairwells? Cheap plastic seats for season ticket holders? Really poor lighting where it makes it next to impossible to even locate your seats?

But worst of all, the atmosphere of the stadium is terrible. Despite all its faults, the RCA Dome was a rocking, loud joint. The acoustics and ability to carry noise throughout Lucas Oil Mortuary are non-existent. I tried. Really, I did. I sat through boring losses against the Bears and Jaguars. And even beating the hated Ravens was a joyless experience. It might as well have been a chess game played on the 50.

Colts fans such as myself want to know one question, why?

Why build a stadium that cannot carry sound? Or place seats behind pillars?

I'm stunned. And Colts management can forgo any attempt to elicit my renewal for next year's season tickets.

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