When the Red Sox won the World Series this year one question stood out in probably a lot fans minds, that question was can the Red Sox win a second straight title?

With the Rays crushing the Yanks last week, the Rays look like an unstoppable force winning the game 13-4 and making the Yankees look like the Tigers. Actually for me, I love it that the Yankees are having a crappy season so far.

Tampa Bay looks like they are going to be compettion this year for the Red Sox or maybe they will just start out great and just crash.

We all know the Tigers are looking like the Miami Dolphins of the MLB right now, starting the season 0-7 doesn't look so red hot and with the Tigers adding Miguel Cabrera this off season, I don't know if he is the only one that they need to turn this around.

Anyways I think the Red Sox can win a second straight title, but it will be very hard with all the teams having an eye on the prize.

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