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Ever wonder how King James would fare against possibly the best player in NBA history, Michael Jordan??? Well, wonder no more. Thanks to the great simulation site,, I was able to put together a 7-game, NBA Finals-like series between King James' Eastern Conference Champion Cleveland Cavaliers from '06-'07, and MJ's NBA Champion Chicago Bulls from '91-'92.

I have included a link to the Box Score, and play-by-play so you can take a look for yourself. So, sit back, and enjoy the first-ever showdown between King James, and MJ.

  • Note: All games played at a neutral site.

Game 1:

Cleveland 81

Chicago 119

Jordan hit 13 of 21 from the field, with a double-double (31 points, and 10 rebounds). MJ's teammate, PF Horace Grant, helped the cause with a double-double, as well (16 points, and 10 rebounds). While Jordan's sidekick, Scottie Pippen, was second in scoring with 24 points, missing just 3 FG's. Once again, Lebron's teammates were unable to step-up, and support James. Lebron scored 20 points, and grabbed 6 rebounds, but Zydrunas Ilgauskas was the only othe Cav to break double-digits in points (15), and Anderson Varejao was the only Cavalier to grab 12+ rebounds, doing so off the bench. Therefore, MJ was able to lead the Bulls to a 38-point win in game 1.

Game 2:

Cleveland 90

Chicago 120

Lebron improved, and so did his teammates. But, that doesn't mean it was enough to stop the raging Bulls powerful offense. MJ went for 22, and 9 rebounds (just one short of a 2nd consecutive double-double), and 3 other Bulls went for 17+ points. Surprisingly, not a single player for either team managed to grab 10+ boards. But, they sure knew how to shoot the ball. Lebron went for 26, as Larry Hughes helped with 16, but if the Cavs want to beat the best in the game, they are gonna have to play with alot more fire. Lebron's Cavs lose by 30 or more once again in game number 2.

MichaelJordan3Clr tif

This guy can't be touched.

Game 3:

Cleveland 100

Chicago 122

Cleveland broke 100! But, MJ took a 3-0 series lead after topping 30, and once again, stomping all over "King" James. James managed to break 20 again (21, to be exact), but he's gonna have to fire up his teammates, like I said before, if he wants to win at least one game over Jordan. Hughes struggled shooting the ball (4 for 14), though the Cavs were more rounded (5 players reaching double-digits). The Cavs were outrebounded 51-40. If they don't get their hands on the ball, how do they expect to win? Right now, I think the Cavs are just playing for pride, and Lebron just wants to win one measly game. On to game number 4!

Game 4:

Cleveland 113

Chicago 122

Lebron scores a series-high, 29 points, but isn't able to win a single game over the powerful Chicago Bulls. MJ tops 30 for the second consecutive night, and was perfect from the FT line, again. Lebron hit half of his FG attempts, as did Hughes, who played 32 minutes, but managed just 13 points, 1 rebound, and 1 assist. Better luck next time Lebron, this is MJ's crown. I think Lebron should be happy his Cavs lost by just 9 points. But, King James goes home after just 4 games, and MJ walks away with just one more title.

Bulls Sweep Cavs

Lesson learned: Lebron still has a LONG way to go to accomplish what Michael Jordan has in his illustrous career. But, of course, everyone in the world of sports already knew that.

Hope you enjoyed the article! Coming soon: Kobe/Shaq versus MJ/Pippen.

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