Hey everyone I am writing a paper and doing research on APBRmetrics.  I cannot think of better research than sports fans who are actively involved in the field.  I have a lot of questions about APBRmetrics that I hope you guys would answer. There are a lot but dont feel like you have to answer all of them. You can take your time with them as well since I would appreciate the most complete answers you can give me.

Please make sure to answer the small bio section such as your occupation, major, etc. Feel free to email me at If you would like to have a phone discussion/interview, email me your number and an appropriate time

Small tidbits

Real Name (not required):



Type of APBRmetrician (fan, scholar, analyst, professional, other):

Based on your answer to the previous question, what does that label mean to you and your relation with APBRmetrics:


1. Tell me a little background about yourself and how you got into APBRmetrics

2. Why did you get into APBRmetrics? Do you have an ultimate goal for your work?

3. Being an emerging field, is there a APBRmetrics canon? And are you cited for any major developments (PER, points per possession, etc)

4. How does APBRmetrics alter the way people view basketball?

5. How would you define APBRmetrics' relation to professional organizations like the NBA? Is it combative, supportive, and why? How do you believe this relationship will change given people like John Hollinger, Daryl Morey, etc.

6. The field is being rapidly developed on websites and message boards. These individuals classify themselves as fans, stat geeks, scholars, etc. How does the community arrive at consensus and determine if these works are legitimate developments and should be incorporated into the APBRmetrics canon? Does someone like yourself have to voice approval? Must ESPN or the NBA start using it as normal vocabulary?

7. Are there any APBRmetrics practices? For example, has there even been an APBRmetrics council or perhaps APBRmetrics convention? What type of interaction, if any, has occurred outside of message boards?

8. Are there subdivisions within the APBRmetrics community? I have already stated fans, scholars, analysts, professionals, other. Are those legitimate categories? Based on the categories you provide, what is the relationships between them? Hierarchical, democratic?

9. What does the future of APBRmetrics look like? How will it continue to grow?

10. Please provide any additional reading or websites that will be useful in my research

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