Just like Marley's ghost in Dickens' "A Christmas Carol," Memphis head coach John Calipari has reminders from his past. They sit in his garage at his Memphis house and they are there to remind him that times for the Tigers basketball coach weren't always that good. In fact, those reminders were put there in his lawn by some angry fans that saw their team come up short in the NCAA Tournament. The reminders go all the way back to 2005. What are they? They are "For Sale" signs.

Unlike Marley, they are not chains per se. The difference between Calipari and Marley is that Marley is forced to roam the earth for eternity for his sins. 

They (the signs) keep him in check so that he can get his Tigers to play better basketball. Granted, the media has been talking about how good a team Memphis is until they get to the free throw line and have problems. Of late, those problems have all but cured themselves and the Tigers have been winning. That's the name of the game. Winning brings people to your gym and fills the seats. Losing is like the measles. They tend to stay away.

Basketball, especially college basketball, in Memphis is as important to that city as Graceland or barbecue. Now they have a chance to make history against UCLA, a team that has history behind it. Memphis has a chance to make history and right its ship after the huge loss to Tennessee in Memphis on February 23rd, a loss which cost them a chance at perfection.

Let's hope that Calipari listens to the signs.

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