Mike Vick - kills dogs = gets 18 months

Dante Stallworth - kills man while drunk = 30 days

Ricky Williams - smokes weed = no arrest, suspensions from NFL comes back and plays again

Plaxico Burress - gun carrying injury = trial delayed for a year so he can play this season!

If any REGULAR Joe like you or me had any of the following happen to us, we would be in JAIL for YEARS!!! WHY for crying out loud are these "heroes" getting off the hook? This isnt fair to you or me and its not "the money", dont give me that one. I am so sick and tired of hearing how the famous athletes keep getting special treatment. Its not right and they should go to JAIL! Matt Jones, GO TO JAIL - dont pass GO, dont collect $200 - just goto JAIL. Matt is busted with major drugs and he went back to play football and his trail delayed and suspensions delayed until almost the end of the season. The Players Unions and League Officials need to get a ZERO tolerance policy in place. How are our children supposed to look up to their heroes and think, "oh he did drugs and it helped him play better - and nothing bad happened to him" - WHAT HAPPENED TO RIGHT AND WRONG PEOPLE?!?!?! Has anyone seen common sense? I didnt think so.

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