That was much better than game 3 - a marvelous 6-2 win for the Phillies - and a great sendoff for a team that many didn't think would even make the playoffs, let alone win their NLDS. It had a lot of great moments:

A leadoff home run courtesy of Jimmy Rollins - And I should say that I have groused about Rollins and his non-traditional approach to leadoff hitting. I would prefer that he take pitches, work the count and look for walks more than he does. But I'll take the leadoff homer anytime!

A solid pitching performance from Joe Blanton, a Phils pitcher who didn't really get much attention from me. I'll admit now that I dismissed this as another uninspired Pat Gillick pickup, but he has turned out to be a steady addition to the pitching staff. He went 6 innings, gave up one run and kept things under control so the offense could do their stuff. Not bad at all!

A monster homerfest for the much maligned (and sadly, the probably will be missed) Pat Burrell. A three-run blast that broke it open, and a solo shot that provided the final nail. And the best part is, this came after the Brewers elected to walk Ryan Howard to get to Burrell! Please resign this guy!

A teriffic middle relief performance from the sometimes troubling Ryan Madson. Two innings, one run - a perfect bridge to Brad Lidge. A Bridge to Somewhere for sure!

A 16-pitch, one hit, no run appearance from Mr. 41-for-41 (Lidge) to close things out and vault the Phillies to the NLCS against the pesky Dodgers.

No matter what happens now, the Phillies have more than exceeded my expectations of them, and every game they play now is a great treat!

Brewers fans, take heart. They look a lot like the Phillies did last year. At least the Brew Crew won a game in the NLDS. Look for better things from them next year.

As for the Phillies...It's been a great season, and I sure as heck hope the Phillies have eight more wins in them!

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