Come Saturday, the only bullets making it out of the back field will be a 28 and 32 caliber.

The explosive duo of Fred Taylor and Maurice Jones-Drew will determine the final tale in a story that many are eager to see.

Five of Six panelists from ESPN have the Patriots winning on Saturday, and many can argue the point easily. The Patriots are still on track to complete the season unbeaten (16-0). Riding the golden arm of Tom Brady; this years MVP, the Patriots are easily the favorite in what many hope will be a closer game then expected. Now, just hope his arm stays true.

The underrated Jags defense only allowed Pittsburgh 1.7 yards per carry on 26 attempts. This means the Patriots will be throwing the ball, a lot! The Jags will have to depend on what has worked for them all year, the smash mouth duo of Taylor and Jones-Drew.

If the Patriots are unable to stop the running game, everyone is going to be surprised how close this game will be. The best way to beat the Patriots' offense is to leave it standing on the sideline. Tom Brady, Randy Moss, Wes Welker and Co. can't beat you if they are not on the field.

Taylor is second in the league in yards per touch with 5.4 (A. Peterson, 5.6) and was considered robbed of his spot on the Pro Bowl team. (Now getting a chance to go due to Willie Parker’s injury.)

The Patriots will have to show us which defense is going to show up Sunday. The team that allowed three of the teams that made the playoffs to rush for over 100 yards, or the 4 th overall defense (10 th against the run) in the NFL.

The Jaguars will literally have to play their best. That means running the ball, establishing a high-percentage passing game, and causing some turnovers. It will be far from easy. As the Patriots have shown all year long, you will not win playing fifty-five minutes of football.

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