All Right - THAT DOES IT!!!

Enough of this already indeed!

I have had just about all that I can take of Boston Bruins trades that don't make any kind of sense!

THREE talented forwards with promise whose potential was showing flashes -when allowed to do so- of greatness about to fully blossom - and they were all traded away... in a short lapse of time too.

First it was Brad Boyes; then Petr Kalus; and now Brandon Bochenski (one guy that I list as a fave on my Facebook! I'm not logging on to Facebook just to take out his name now - NO WAY!)

And what did the B's get in return? A defenseman, a goalie that, it turns out, was NOT NEEDED... Oh, and another defenseman! Plus - a draft pick! A sixth-rounder... but still! Sort of makes up for the one they LOST when they gave it away, along with Kalus, for that goalie that is not needed! Great day at the trading block, Pete!


I am one of the few of those fine hub of hockey dwellers who actually liked the OTHER apparently lopsided trades... I actually like the fact that choker extraordinaire Joe Thornton is GONE... And that it was a 3 for 1 deal - one that, in effect, bolstered the Bruins' line-up with the presence of Chuck Kobasew Marco Sturm and (another) defenseman Andrew Ference (Ference and Kobasew came to Boston in exchange of Stuart and Primeau, two loose change guys obtained along with Sturm for Thornton! So, THERE, at least, the B's turned lead into gold!)

More alchemy was achieved, IMHO, with the Ben Walters for Petteri Nokelainen trade! Noke is a gem in the rough while Ben is merely the son of a former Canadien! Ben could not be a true Bruin - not with those blood ties...

Still... Speaking of the enemy...

The Bruins' mismanagement of their personnel often results in opportunities for said enemy to get their man - said man once having been "one of us" (there I go again making the same damn mistake it irks me so much to see in others! Fooling myself, deluding myself enough to think that I actually belong to the team! HA! It won't happen again, folks, I promise!)

But that is how far I'll go with the complaints and laments here...

Because, in light of all that the B's do, I am definitely lukewarm about them! I am neither hot about their chances, not entirely detached nor outright cold and unaffected but I am definitely FED UP with giving up on talent and then see the BRUINS G.M. come out and say "we're still in need of some offensive reinforcements" DUH - YOU KEEP TRADING THEM ALL AWAY, YOU... @#!$

And some, either traded away or simply let go by the organization, have wound up or resurfaced WITH THE ENEMY! Be it the Canadiens or Sabres or whomever - Andy Moog, Sergei Samsonov, Bryan Smolinski - all became HABS (UGH) and the likes of Bob Sweeney became Buffalo Sabres with the expressed desire to BEAT THE BRUINS for they felt dumped and unappreciated by their former team!

Kalus, Boyes & Bochenski - man alive, they could have formed a TERRIFIC LINE RIGHT THERE! There's your extra offensive punch, Peter Chiarelli (that's "Pete" right there; the B's G.M.) but you must really be a double agent working for Ottawa still, making sure that the B's do NOT improve in reality...!

OK - I merely jest there...

DEFENSE does win championships...

But all the defensemen in the world and goalies too won't score Cup clinchers (even though Bobby Orr did - he's the exception that reaffirmed the rule!)

And I am not sure that the defensemen Chiarelli has been collecting (Wideman, Hnidy, Ference even... Oh - and Chara too!) are synonymous with "stingiest defense in the league" and "Stanley Cup contenders/defenders" for that matter...

I guess I am legitimized in my lukewarm attitude towards "my team" here - because "my team" sure acts like they are lukewarm about their players, their fans and that thing called "commitment to win" - EH?

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