Former Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick became a free man yesterday. He was released from Federal Custody and rebuilding his image is now being talked
Vick vick

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has Vick's NFL career in the palm of his hand. Goodell will need to make a decision on whether to reinstate Vick into the NFL.

Rebuilding Vick's career will take lots of work, but it could be accomplished. This country is a forgiving country and many athletes have done worse than Vick. But will people understand?

If Goodell reinstates Vick into the NFL; what NFL team will sign him? He will bring a huge change to any team and lots of media attention isn't positive.

Will he play quarterback again? Who knows, but he won't be a starting quarterback. Vick will need to work his way as a starting quarterback and that could be hard for an athlete that hasn't done anything athletic for a year. He needs to get back into football shape and that could take a while, but Vick recently hired a personal trainer, Tom Shaw who worked with several successful quarterbacks in the NFL.

Nobody should have a problem forgiving Vick for his past mistakes. Many athletes have done worse and have rebuilt their image. For an example: Los Angeles Lakers guard Kobe Bryant, was on trial for rape and that destroyed his image, but now everyone has forgotten about his wrongdoing. Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis was accused of murder, but now his image is safe. Former Cleveland Browns wide receiver Donte Stallworth was charged with a DUI manslaughter. Vick could regain the trust of his peers, but it'll take some work.

If there aren't any NFL teams that are interested in Vick, going to the UFL should be considered. He won't make as much money, but some UFL teams have shown interest and they're willing to give Vick a second chance. Why not? it's still football and he's doing what he loves to do. It gives him a chance to still rebuild his image.

Everyone has made mistakes in life, but learning from them is most important. Vick should be given a chance to prove that he's learned from his mistakes, because other athletes have received the chance to do the same.

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