In terms of sports, nothing is more talked about this Monday than Brett Favre. Every sports site, blog and newspaper's leading story seems to be about Favre. For the first time in my life, I actually agree with Stephen A. Smith in his rant yesterday about the whole Brett Favre saga. He said he was completely sick of the media's love affair for Favre and we are just fueling this fire. This whole story makes me sick, and not only because I am a Bears fan. Brett can't keep on stringing the Packers along with him, how can he honestly expect the Packers to embrace him with open arms. It is clear that they have moved on and I think Brett needs to as well. I don't mean to another team but from football as a whole. Leave the game as a legend and not as Montana or Unitas did. Who can remember Montana on the Chiefs or Unitas's last year as a Charger? There is so much more that can be said about the whole situation but I don't want to write about it any more than you need to read about it.

I actually started a campaign to try and urge Favre to stop playing football and take up Golf. I am looking for 5,000 people who feel the same as I do. When that number is reached then we will all send Favre 2 golf balls. That is 10,000 balls, which is enough to last even the worst of players a lifetime. I wanted to try and do something instead of just waiting around and see the sports world consumed by this story. If you're interested check it out here. I think we can help show Favre the light and maybe his gunslinging attitude will work well on the Links. I have a love-hate relationship for Favre, as a Bears fan, he has torn us apart throughout his career but I admire him as an player and an athlete. However, his actions surrounding retiring, unretiring, re-retiring and so on have just exhausted my threshold for anything Brett Favre.

I do realize that there is another side to the story and I know that there are many Packers fans who can't get enough of Favre and would let him play till he was 60 if Favre was "100% committed" to it. There is another campaign on the same site that is calling for Ted Thompson to bring him back. It is a similar campaign to mine (actually mine was a response). The campaign is asking for 5,000 people to send 2 pieces of American Cheese to Ted Thompson if he doesn't bring him back. It's certainly a creative idea that Thompson won't be able to ignore.

Either way this whole thing needs to be resolved so I don't have to read anything else or write anything else about Favre.

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