It's official. Ned Yost does not want to make a decision. In a surprise move this morning, the Milwaukee Brewers activated Yovani Gallardo and sent down journeyman, outfielder Joe Dillon. Dillon was only batting a .200/.273/.300 clip, but his hard hitting and ability to help the younger talent has been invaluable. In pretty much an exact scenario from last year, Dillon allowed Prince to use his bat after a big slump and a home run ensued. On top of that, Dillon has spent extensive time in the cage with Bill Hall, showing him how to shorten up his swing and get around on pitches he wasn't able to last year. Ultimately, Dillon's play really wasn't significant, but his mentorship was.

I know that the Brewers claim they need 14 pitchers on the roster because of a taxed bullpen and a hurt Ben Sheets, but nobody in the league ever needs 14 pitchers, no matter how taxed they may be. It leaves only three people on the bench: Mike Rivera, Craig Counsell, and Gabe Gross. So that means one back-up outfielder, one back-up infielder and one back-up catcher. This puts the Crew in a horrible position with regard to any in-game injuries and extended innings, which has been the case in 3 of the 5 games played against the Cincinnati Reds. If Gallardo struggles today and a pinch hitter is needed immediately, the Brewers become especially vulnerable. An in-game injury would immediately hose them in the field. But there's even more...

The fact is Ned Yost is incapable of disrespecting Dave Bush or Manny Parra. It hasn't been the case in years past that Yost concedes to his players. Everyone remembers the clubhouse fight last year when Yost went after a player and was consequentially approached by Johnny Estrada and Tony Graffanino. But this year is different. Yost has been a push over as players have requested moves in the line-up and getting them, despite Yost's conflicting comments less than 12 hours before. While the moves make perfect sense, Yost would never have made them without the complaints because he's just that stubborn.

There is a potential positive. There's no way the Crew can make it more than few games with 14 pitchers. This means that Tony Gwynn Jr.'s return from the DL will send Mitch Stetter back to the minors. And when it's all said and done, a trade will be completed or the outright release of someone will happen. It's just scary because, just like this move, there is no way to predict what Yost and Co. will elect to do.

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