It's hard to be a fan of a team and have to recap a debauchery, but I will do my best. It will be brief though. I'll be watching this afternoon's game and writing an article about why the Brewers should trade Ryan Braun. I thought that might grab your attention.

The Score:
Milwaukee Brewers 5 Chicago Cubs 19

Players of the Game:
Rickie Weeks: 2/4; 2B, BB, 3 R
Geovany Soto: 2/4; 2 HRs, 6 RBIs

Game Recap:
If you're throwing BP fastballs, they're going to hit them as such. That was the theme of the Brewers/Cubs game last night, as the Cubs jumped on top of Jeff Suppan and stomped him into the ground. The guys from the North Side plated six runs in the first ring, topped off by the first of Geovany Soto's two 3-run homers. But it's not like the Cubs had to try to hard. For those not in the know, Suppan throws a whopping 88 MPH fastball, relying mostly on location and his breaking pitches. Well, Soup's breaking pitches didn't move and his fast ball didn't hit the corners, but instead of walking guys, he just through waste high pitches right down the center of the plate. This allowed Cubs hitters to play tee ball, and left Suppan with 3.2 IP outing that yielded 11 runs, eight earned.

But it's not like things got better. Seth McClung pitched pretty well despite some really hard balls, giving up only one run in three innings of work, walking four and striking out 5. But then it was Derrick Turnbow time. I don't really want to talk about him because the fact of the matter is, this outing may have officially ended his career, which is sad. You don't hear about too many all star closers getting run out of the league in just three years. The line: 0.2 IP, 6 ER, 4 BB, 1 K. At least Stetter kept his 0.00 ERA in tact.

As for the Brewers offense, it was there. It wasn't great, but there was promise shown in taking five walks in the first 6 innings. Five runs usually wins a game, but not this one. Rickie had a good night, getting on three times, and jumping over the Mendoza line with two hits. Braun was also hot going 2 for 3 in the first 6 innings of baseball. But there wasn't a hit to be found in line up beyond Prince Fielder, making it impossible to put the game in reach.

Blow-outs happen. They're not always fun to watch though. The first inning was fine, even though my team got blown up, but nine walks for the Cubs and 14 collectively between the two teams leads to a long drawn out debauchery, similar to Tuesday nights ugly affair. That's baseball though. You have to make it through all of them, even if you have a Cubs fan in your ear screaming after every pitch, considering the day before all he did was whine.

Game Changing Play:
Soto's second 3-run shot off of Brian Shouse, which was a horrible call by Ned Yost by the way, capped off a five run 4th inning and sealed the game as out of reach. Whoever said this kid wasn't going to be anything at the beginning of the season just got owned.

Predictions Sad But Good:
I hate being right when it goes against my favorite team, but it comes with the territory. Suppan was throwing the proverbial 'cock-shot' fastball that I could probably hit out of the park. Instead Derek Lee, Geovany Soto and well, the entire Cubs squad sans Felix Pie hit damn near every ball to the wall. I thought for sure Yost was going to pull McClung the third time through the line up, but nope. Let the guy kill his confidence. Rickie Weeks showed up, making my earlier prediction at least half right. In the end, I'm two for two on these games.

What's on Tap?:
In a good ole fashioned rubber match, we may actually get to see some good baseball in this series as Yovani Gallardo takes on Carlos Zambrano, the future ace against the established one. As always, if Z is on, trouble is brewing, especially since Yost is probably playing his B-squad today starring Craig Counsell and Tony Gwynn Jr.. Gwynn isn't really a B guy, but he's a bench player and that starts with a B. Stay tuned for the Braun article. It's going to be a blast to write.

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