Okay, so we all know by now that Brett Favre did something yesterday that he never did in his career before by torching the Arizona Cardinals defensive with six touchdown passes…Not bad for a "bum ankle". Good ole Eric Mangini take a page out of the Bill Billichick "injury report" playbook. Although something you may not have known, it’s because of that "bum ankle" that I cut Favre from my fantasy team…Brilliant call ass hole, don’t I know!

Something must’ve been in the air besides the smell over East Rutherford, New Jersey yesterday…While The Bretts, (I know, really gay) were putting the Cards over hot coals during the game, before the game looks as if who ever was the SOB in charge of bringing the grill to the tailgating party, forgot…So what’s one to do?

The ever popular Plan B…Just light the whole f-ing car on fire….

Have to cook the brats somehow! And besides, it holds the M-fer accountable for his actions!! Just don’t pay ant attention to the aluminum flavor…It’s not like it’s going to kill you! Stuff the ballot box with votes on this new poll on my site. And if you thought setting your weekly lineup was difficult, um, you may want to reconsider after seeing the list of candidates!! ROCK THE VOTE! Home Page who those of you who suffer from ADD or ADHD!

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