Qualcomm To Become 'The Snow Dome'

Jan 25, 2008

'Brett Favre: "San Diego Here I Come!"'

'San Diego' – Everybody loves football in the snow. At least that’s what the city of San Diego is betting on with their approval of a $15 billion bond issue to enclose the city’s 'Qualcomm Stadium' with a ‘ 'Snow Dome'.’ As savvy marketers watched television ratings pile up like blizzard flakes during snow-drenched 'NFL ' playoff games in 'Green Bay' and 'New England' , 'Chargers' ’ owner 'Alex Spanos' saw an opportunity and started lobbying the city’s power brokers.

“There’s no business like snow business, if you catch my drift,” says San Diego Chargers’ owner Alex Spanos. “I told them, ‘You can go to the bank on the Snow Dome.’ They shoveled it up.”

The ‘Snow Dome’ may bring benefits to the Chargers other than financial. “Everybody knows I love to play in the snow,” said iconic 'Green Bay Packer' quarterback 'Brett Favre' when told about the ‘Snow Dome.’ “ San Diego here I come!”

Entire story:

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