What are your thoughts on Brett's speech? Is there possibly a more honest, respected, unselfish, professional athlete EVER in the history of sports? To actually worry about the money that Green Bay spent on him, to make sure that people understand that is hasn't always been about him, but about the sport, the organization, the fans, and the team. That the records he holds were not just due to his accomplishments but because of the accomplishments of the team. You may or may not like the Green Bay Packers. You may or may not think that Brett is the greatest QB in football history. But seriously, how can you not RESPECT Brett Favre? Even if you are a Bears fan, the one man you "hated the most" was the same man you wished played on your team. Yes, this is another love fest Brett Favre article. To me Brett's the best. To me Brett's the best professional athleten in history. He portrays what is good and respectful in sports. No drama. No conflict. No "look at me". No "I'm the best". No "show me the money". No bullshit. Sports are about Brett Favre. Brett Favre is sports.  He is unlike any athlete, in any sport, ever, and he is the definition of a "professional". If only the rest could follow in his footsteps.......   Brett Favre. The Greatest "Professional Athlete" in Sports History. You will be missed. Football will never be the same. Green Bay will never be the same. Hell, cheese will never taste the same. God Bless you Brett Favre.

From a fan who respects you and everything that you have accomplished and done for the game of football.

"Frank Stevenson"



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