Find me someone to high five Shelly Duncan style.

I have been overly harsh of Brian Cashman. I still believe he could have done a better job assembling talent during his tenure but I realize that a lot of problems have been caused my meddling ownership. Sometimes it just takes a great Randy Levine power move for me to realize how difficult Cashmans job is. Yes he has a seemingly unlimited payroll but sometimes control is even more powerful of a tool. It’s unfair by me to hold him to the Billy Beane standard. Billy Beane is one of a kind but, as my friend Brandon reminded he’s lacking in the “bling” department. When you how poorly run some front offices are, like the Astros and Nationals, you can only hope that Cashman will get a contract extension and continue retooling this team.

Now that I’m done eating crow on to the matter at hand.

Kyle Farnsworth for Ivan Rodrequiez

What a fantastic trade (and one totally out of left field) for the Yankees. Pudge is hitting .295/.338/.417 on the season. He represents a significant offensive upgrade over Jose Molina while not losing any defensive value. I agree with Anthony that Molina should keep working with Mussina. In fact I expect Molina to still play a great deal (three or so times a week.) Pudge is old and so is Molina, this trade will help keep both of them fresh for the rest of the season.

A week ago the bottom of the Yankees order was; Cabrerra, Molina, Gardner

Nady, Puge, Melky sounds a whole lot better.

Not that the Yankees need a veteran leader but acquiring a hall of fame catcher (who is very well respected throughout the league) certainly can’t hurt the locker room chemistry.

Now does losing Farnsworth hurt? Yes and no.

He clearly has shown tremendous improvement and again as Anthony alluded to Joe Girardi has a lot to do with that.

However, find me one Yankee fan who feels confident with him on the mound.

<Crickets> <Crickets>

Buller? Anyone Anyone?

Exactly. In fact with the recent addition of Damatso Marte and the impending return of Brian Bruney I’d argue that the bullpen will be just as strong. Don’t forget how great Bruney was pitching prior to his injury.

For the Tigers I’m not sure I get this trade. Branon Inge will take over behind the plate and Farnsworth will assume closer duties. I don’t know if that really makes the Tigers any more likely to contend this season. It does save them some payroll but not much. Both Farnsworth and I-Rods contracts expire at seasons end.

Speaking of ending contracts the last important thing to note about this trade is I-Rods impending type A free agent status. If the Yankees (and it’s a risk considering they wouldn’t want him to accept) offer Pudge arbitration at the end of the season they will receive compensatory picks for him (assuming he signs with another team.)

All in all a win win for the Yanks. And another fantastic deadline deal for Cashman.

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