Though still more than slighly pissed that the Broncos allowed the Chiefs to hand it to them, I am still living with spirited optimism. I am loving Eddie Royal right now and can't help feeling like he will make more of an impact on the offense than Brandon Marshall. Though proclaimed as Cutler's favorite, we did mighty well again Oakland without Marshall and I just have not seen consistency from him. And where the hell did Boss Bailey come from - Brothers Bailey are a force to be reckoned with and I am beyond excited about the "more to come" from those two. I haven't bothered to learn our new kickers name as I am still in mourning over losing Jason Elam, but if he keeps kicking through the uprights, I may fall in love. But what do we do with Cutler? Last year, undiagnosed diabetes was his ultimate problem. With that in check, this year he has turned up color blind - or at least that is all I can assume since he keeps throwing to them other team.

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