Hey Fans,

Up front I'll admit I don't like Notre Dame. Never did, never will. The first "BIG" college game I remember as a kid was the legendary 10 - 10 tie with Ara Parseghian who played it safe against Michigan State. Ever since then I figured that if a supposedly BIG TIME college football program was going to play it safe in a BIG game, I didn't want to be a fan of theirs. There's been many fightin Irish coaches since then i.e., Dan Devine (of Rudy fame), Bob Davies (who has become a decent TV commentator), Coach Willingham who has never been the same since he left Palo Alto and of course there's Lou Holtz who I still dislike as an in-studio host. The worst is Charlie Weis. He is such a pompous ass, I'm so happy to see him get his butt beat week in and week out. So now, in just over 48 hours Brady Quinn who listened to his agents tell him he would be a Top 5 pick - NOT! - and dropped quite a bit in the draft - and a few million as well, gets his first NFL start. If you look at his (inflated) college passing stats Quinn's numbers were padded against the like of the three service academies, you know the ones that have 5' 6" DB's and have a hard time to break 5.0 in the 40 yd dash. I know he's so excited to start for his hometown team, but I think the Dog Pound is in for a rude awakening and seeing the millions that Browns ownership bestowed on Brady (get a haircut) Quinn will be wasted the same way the Chargers' millions were thrown out the window on Ryan Leaf. I'm sure Kellen (low life) Winslow is happy that Brady Quinn will attempt to throw him quick slants that for one reason or another will never make it into his two giant hands. Browns fans all I have to say is, hopefully it will take just a few games for ownership to see that Brady Quinn is no Peyton Manning or any other serviceable NFL QB. The Browns need help. Maybe the recently departed Gene Hickerson will return to this earthly world and help them open up some holes or give Brady time to get a haircut and throw the ball down field. My guess is that Brady will soon be playing arena Ball, hoping for a comeback with the soon to be Los Angeles NFL franchise.

Till next time.

Chuck T

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