Before it even began, it was over. Tom Brady started the first game of the regular season today for the Patriots after sitting out the entire pre-season. And seven plus minutes into the regular season, the hearts of every Patriots fan cracked. It did not matter that Randy Moss had fumbled the ball; all we cared about was Tom Brady lying on the bright turf of Gillette Stadium, grasping his left knee. Instantly the same thoughts rifled through the minds of every Patriot fan. “Is the season over?” “Is the reign over?” “What now?” “$&*#” “Mother Trucker” “Who hit him? I’ll kill him!”

And just like that we saw our season limp off the field and down the tunnel. However we should all turn our attention to September 23, 2001 when Drew Bledsoe lay on the sideline of Foxboro Stadium. When the man who just signed a ten year 103 million dollar contract was suffering from life threatening injuries. And here came this young quarterback who barely played when he was in college. So now we turn the clock ahead eight years and three Super Bowl titles later we watch in horror as Tom Brady was helped off the field. Now all we can do is wait and see if the reports of the torn ACL are true and hope that they are not.

Oh yeah, and there was a football game too. The Patriots were able to squeak out a 17-10 win over the Kansas City Chiefs. Matt Cassel looked like a mediocre starting quarter back, which he maybe for the next few weeks, going 13 for 18 for 152 yards and one touchdown. Randy Moss was catching passes from Cassel as he caught the only Patriot touchdown of the day. Sammy Morris had the Patriots other touchdown and Stephen Gostkowski knocked in a 37-yard field goal. The Patriots defense held strong as they held former New England back up quarter back Damon Huard and the rest of the Kansas City offense in the same spot in a goal line situation on four tries. The Patriots start the season 1-0 and now instead of being a sure thing for a playoff pick become questionable.

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