Boat racing dated from the Aytthaya period.Races are commonly staged during the rainy season months of October and November, after Kathins and presenting fresh robes to Buddhist monks.  Boats are made  from hardwood such as Takhian. Coloured cloth tied to the boat prow honours the guardian spirit.     Each team consists of 8 t0 10 oarsmen and a heimsman (or more in long-tailed boat racing).  Boat racing has a long history in Thailand as elsewhere in the world. There was no historical evidence of its origin. The earliest record shows that King Ekathotsarot (1605-1610) of the Ayutthaya Period once held a boat race manned with soldiers in order to train able oarsmen for use in war. His predecessor and brother Naresuan the Great is known to have the strongest marines in Thai history. He once used his speed rowing boats to chase a rebel and succeeded in catching him.

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