The Philadelphia Flyers called a players-only meeting after losing 7-1 to the Pittsburgh Penguins yesterday. The team has now lost four straight games and six of their last eight. With only nine games remaining their hold on the 8th and final playoff spot in the Eastern Conference is quickly slipping away.

For a player to talk during the meeting they must be holding a bright orange puck called the "parrot puck." The captains and assistant captains moderate the meeting and open the floor for opinions and ideas after initial statements.

During the meeting Flyer forward Jeff Carter was able to get a puck past struggling goalie Martin Biron who was yanked from the game after giving up three goals. "We were sitting in the locker room and I had just suggested instituting the "trap" when Marty raised his hand to speak. I tossed the puck towards Marty and it went right by him into his equipment bag," said Carter. However, Biron claimed that it was slightly redirected by Daniel Briere.

Captain Jason Smith witnessed the incident and ripped into the goalie in front of the team. "He yelled something about a beach ball, something about cheese, and a your-blocker joke. Also, I did try to intercept the puck but I did not tip it [puck]," said forward, Daniel Briere.

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