Is it possible to paint more targets on the front of a New England Patriots jersey? The blue, white, red and silver uniforms already are becoming the new shooting targets of the NFL. And when Bill Belichick was named coach of the year the target may have gotten a little bit bigger. The Patriots got back to work on Thursday, the same day the coach of the year was announced. And the Patriots already need to win a Super Bowl this just makes it that much more engraved. Win a Super Bowl or be the biggest chokers of all time.

16-0, 50 touchdown passes, 23 touchdown receptions, 75 team touchdowns, 589 points, and everything else they accomplished this season means nothing with out a ring on the finger and another Super Bowl trophy in Patriot Place. I think the target on the Patriot jersey is big enough, and will only get bigger as the next few weeks go bye. But it won’t effect them and they will play hard nosed good football just like they do every single game. And one thing is for sure, I can not wait to see how this season ends. It should be very exciting.

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