The Big Ten is one of the best confrences in the Nation in Basketball, Football and Baseball, don't get me wrong. But why are they called the Big Ten? Hello! There are 11 schools in the Big Ten. May I suggest that we change it to the Big Eleven?

Some people say but that won't work odd number of teams and that's not good at all for some reasons but I think they should add a team. Some possible additions are Notre Dame, Iowa State, Chicago State and Cincinnati. Notre Dame has a contract for football with NBC so they wont give up being on national television. Chicago State is too small of a school, so the Big Ten won't take them from the independents because they also don't have a football team so that wont work either.

And the next one is one very interesting but you never know with the NCAA, Cincinnati is a great basketball team usually and sometimes in football but I think they are fine in the Big East, so they probably wont be moved so that's that.

The Last team is my favorite choice Iowa State could leave the Big Twelve and join the Big Ten, then the Big Twelve could get Colorado Sate from the Mountain West who has an odd number of teams (9). So if they get Colorado State all the Confrences get a plus. But what would we call the Big Ten now the Big Twelve is already taken? They can't use that. My favorite is like the one I read in another article is the Big North now the Big North is a pretty good name now instead of 11 schools in the Big Ten, we have 11 schools in the Big North

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